Top 5 Investment Strategies - Smartly Invest your money

BY Economy Simplified

July 5, 2022

Types of Investment

1. Value Invest

Invest in the Share, Stock, or commodities that are undervalued and have a chance that price will be increased after a certain period of time. Buy right site tight Strategy

2. Growth Investment 

Invest in the Share, Stock, or commodities that are showed high growth in the past and is still rising so that one can take advantage of the growth with less Risk

3. Income Investment Strategies

When one invest in the Steady Investment Plans where one can invest in Dividend income, interest income, and many more.

4. Conservative Investment Strategies

This type of Investment are for those ones who are not willing to take high risk. Here you get low Returns but are Gauranteed

5. Aggressive Invest 

This Investment strategy is for those who are young and can take High Risks by making investments in Small Caps, Mid Caps, Commodities, and Collectibles Like NFTs.

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