ONDC - Open Network for Digital Commerce - Pillars, Reasons, Problem

By Economy Simplified

June 22, 2022

ONDC Launching Details

The Government intend to breakdown the digital monopolies and duopolies of Giants E-Commerce companies

8th of May Government of India has launched the pilot phase of ONDC

1. ONDC Foundational Pillars

a. Open Network 

This will make different Digital Commerce Stores Discoverable on all the apps linked with ONDC. Creating a durable platform for small Vendors

1. ONDC Foundational Pillars

b.  Public Infrastructure

There is an Idea to develop a large infrastructure where millions of people can easily Buy or sell. The product at low cost.

1. ONDC Foundational Pillars

c.  Open Ecosystem

This will ensure that by inventor’s communities to come up with innovation. creative ideas, and etc. for more benefits of whole process

2. Reasons for Introduction of ONDC

– Inventory Model Effect on Small Retailers – Deep discounting – Anti-competitive business models

3. How ONDC will solve the Problem?

– Discoverability – Open Protocol for E-Commerce Platforms and Interoperability – Price Comparision

4. Hurdles or Threats Faced by ONDC?

–  Listing Space –  Trivago Model of Implementation –  Parallel Impact on E-Commerce Companies

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