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    Sri Lanka economic crisis top 3 Reasons

    Sri Lankan Economic Crisis The Sri Lanka economic crisis has been in the news for the past few weeks. The country has defaulted on its...

    Newspaper Industry Crisis – Shortage in Newsprint in India

    There is an Acute shortage in Newsprint materials in India due to a series of events that occurred in the past months and the final blow was Russia Ukraine war

    Basics of Demand and Supply | Concept and Defination

    law of supply and demand - Demand is a desire to buy and supply is the availability of that product and equilibrium is the point where it meets.

    What is the Important Role of agriculture in the Indian economy?

    1. Share of agriculture in National Income, 2. Largest Employment Providing Sector, 3. Providing food to the growing population, 4. Providing raw materials to industry 

    What is Economy meaning and Types of Economy?

    The Sum of all transactions taking place in the area which can or cannot be regulated by the government is called as Economy.

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